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<b>Our Story</b> | Neverending Brunches
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Our Story | Neverending Brunches

They happened on the weekends. We would appear in our dining nook, one by one, a bit late for breakfast and way too early for lunch. Four sisters, growing up in a small village in the countryside of Hungary, in the early 80ies. We had no idea that we were brunching. But we were great at it! We enjoyed the company and the opportunity to discuss current events. We filled the dining room with joy and laughter; it was great seeing each other after a long school week. We were brunching in the simple setting of our kitchen corner banquette, for hours and hours, often stretching into the late afternoon. 

Our neverending brunches were not endless because of the reappearing food supply. Food was a secondary element. What started as a meal, soon turned into a discussion, helping out Mom with lunch prep, doing homework, a fun art project, a science experiment, and sometimes into a fight. It was a neverending transformation of events; a memory we all cherish today. What may seem like being stuck in a place became a fun experience and a learning experience. How? Add some love, humor, a bit of curiosity and, the ability of adaptation. 

The memory was triggered. Life, as we know it, is calling for adaptation.

Being stuck at home and sitting at the dining table for most of the day, while taking care of everyday business, we couldn’t help but notice the similarity. Although we are not sitting at the same table anymore, the prolonged video calls with family members revived this slice of the past. It is not only helpful in challenging times; in a way, it is also refreshing and inspiring. And with that inspiration, Neverending Brunches was born.

Welcome to neverending tips, ideas, recipes, and more!

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