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Palacsinta | A Hungarian Pancake We Never Had for Breakfast

Palacsinta is a thin Hungarian pancake (crepe-like pancake), an all-time kids’ favorite. After moving to NYC, I worked with kids for years and introduced palacsinta to all. Great success! I still receive messages from some with a photo of a stack of freckled beauties. “It is palacsinta-day!” Getting these reminders…

Chicken on a bed of salt

Chicken on a Bed of Salt | Never Enough Thyme?

Baking with salt has various ways and a long history around the world. One involves using pastry wrapped around meat; another one is burying, say a whole fish, in a pile of loose salt before baking. Other methods call for adding egg whites to make a salt paste. In my…

Savory Dutch Baby
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Savory Dutch Baby | Not Sweet but Lovely

Savory Dutch Baby – the sibling of the sweet Dutch Baby, a fluffy, light breakfast pancake of German origin. I met the sweet Dutch Baby first. Inspired by a tutor who taught me to allow new possibilities to transform old ways of being, I figured, there has to be a…

Cabbage, dill, summer savory and salt | Cabbage in brine
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Ferment Your Head | Cabbage in Brine

A 5-day quarantine that brings out the best of your cabbage. Although I knew of this recipe from Dad for years, I haven’t tried it until I was stuck at home and decided to make sauerkraut. With an ancient fermentation method, I discovered a fresh take on the classic sauerkraut,…

hungarian pastry kifli
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Kifli | A Half-Moon Shaped Traditional Hungarian Pastry

Kifli [kih-fli] is a Hungarian pastry, probably one of the most popular. It is half-moon shaped, can be savory or slightly sweet, with no limitation on toppings—salt, cheese, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, olive, dried onion, you name it. I prefer the classic, plain butter kifli, which is slightly on the…